The Little Yogi
Yoga for happy children
Book + 45 interactive cards

by Arathi Sabrina Giann?
A new and creative way to develop childrens? highest qualities

In this box set you will find a fun tool to help children explore ?important life?s values, such as cooperation, positive thinking, kindness: the Cards of ?Light! With the help of the enclosed booklet, it is easy to guide the children towards a calm inner state through Ananda Yoga, that is based on the teachings of the Indian master Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a yogi.

Ananda Yoga considers each asana or position as ?physical expression of an inner quality: by combining asana and positive statements, such as “I am protected”, “I am master of my energy” and many others, positions become not only moments of ?balance and concentration, but also transforming messages for life!

The book The Little Yogi is available only in Italian.