The Door to Happiness
by Graziella Fioretti

The child is not a puzzle. We do not educate in pieces, but together, as a unique person. So, there is no intellectual development without the physical, emotional and will power development. An education of values, like peace, tolerance and courage, help the child to integrate mind and heart, to feel one with everyone.

Yet children have increasing difficulty in recognizing their emotions. They are guided, in fact, to focus on the objects outside and, consequently, on the image of themselves as perceived by others. The increasing inability to look inward leads to an inability to observe one’s emotions and feelings.

This book, intense but easy, is for “the teacher who knocks on the doors of the mind”. The teacher who is dedicated to discovering the inner resources of children, the most visible and the most hidden, enters a much wider dimension of his knowledge, discovers new and unsuspected traits of children’s personalities.

In fact, in every child a spark of creativity, joy and energy can open up to an unlimited inner potential. Yoga with children is an extraordinary language to access their inner world, communicating through the body.

Yoga, or “union”, is the millennial discipline for the harmonious integration of all the components of our being. All yoga and relaxation proposals contained in this book are very simple.

The children will follow them naturally and enthusiastically, if taught by an adult who has experienced them not only intellectually.

The book The Door to Happiness is available only in Italian.