EFL Teachers

“Remember, whatever you want others to be, you must first be yourself, and you will see that they will respond in the same way … The better you are, the more you will raise others around you. The person who improves himself becomes happier; and the happier you become, the happier the people around you will be”Paramhansa Yogananda

Properly organized schools are gardens where infant souls are grown and nurtured. The gardeners should be well-selected and cooperated with by parents and the public. The teachers should never be neglected, for they are soul-molders. The care and spiritual nourishment of the early life of a human plant usually determines its later development.

Living examples can inspire children much more effectively than rules.
Education for Life is built around teachers? open-hearted sensitivity to the children in their charge. It is essential, therefore, that in his/her life, the teacher expresses the positive attitudes, spiritual and moral values, and maturity that we seek to impart to the children

?The teachers are very positive. They see only the best in each child and endeavor to nourish that special part. Each Living Wisdom School teacher is on a spiritual path which includes meditation. The teachers have a wonderful clarity and joy which they infuse into our children daily.? LWS Parent, Palo Alto

The teachers participate in Education for Life as a lifelong process. Each teacher is actively committed to his/her personal and spiritual development. They meditate regularly, and practice the principles of emotional self-mastery that form the foundation of our educational approach.
They receive ongoing support and training to stay fresh, enthusiastic, and expansive.
EFL teachers are authentic, and the children sense it immediately.
The teachers of Living Wisdom School are able to see the unique gifts in each child and to celebrate them in a hundred ways in the course of the school day: by encouragement, positive affirmation, challenge and support, celebration and joy. They understand that fine teaching is an art and a science, driven by inspiration, not coercion.
They focus on the positive, not the negative?on solutions, not problems. Creativity and spontaneity as well as discipline and structure infuse their pedagogy. They, themselves, are life-long learners.

“They [the teachers] were living the principles they were teaching which made me respect them immensely?”I.Z., EFL Alumni
“Never dwell on the thought of your faults. Remember, instead, your good deeds and the goodness present in the world. Convince yourself of your innate perfection.”Paramhansa Yogananda