Sharing Values

“The highest education is not that which merely supplies us with information, but that one which places our life in harmony with the whole existence.”Rabindranath Tagore
?My daughter is learning at school to approach life with joy, love, kindness, and a positive attitude. We see the changes in her quite clearly. The love and joy she brings home seems to have an uplifting effect on us parents, too. If we ever have to move out of the area, we will only go to a place where there is another Living Wisdom School!?LWS Parent, Palo Alto

Universal values are the jewels of human existence. They improve the quality of life for both children and adults and enable us to meet life?s countless challenges with courage and joy. With alumni now in their 40s and 50s, we can see how incorporating these values into the very core of education prepares students for a life-long experience of meaning, purpose, and well-being.

The children discover that expansive feelings, thoughts, and actions increase their own sense of well-being, whereas contractive feelings and actions take that happiness away. ?Right and wrong? thus become first-hand experiences of the consequences of personal behaviors, rather than a fixed set of abstract rules.

Living in harmony does bring joy. Living at the cost of others? happiness brings discontentment, even if there is some passing pleasure from getting one?s own way. Giving children opportunities to serve others, and helping them become consciously aware of the benefits and joy of such actions, guides them towards that realization.

“So often children have come to me just beaming with joy and excitement over some act of kindness. In these situations I try to help them see how their actions have produced these wonderful feelings. In this way, from their own experience, the children begin to appreciate that there really is an inner joy that is activated by outward acts of kindness. Their serviceful acts can then become freed from the need for outward recognition since their inner feelings are a sufficient motivation. From here it is only a short step to begin to feel happiness in the joy of others, a point where we start to tap into the one spirit that we all share.”Narani Moorhouse, LWS teacher in Nevada City, California, from her book Supporting Your Child?s Inner Life