Only by calm inner feeling can a person know definitely the right course to take in any action. J.Donald Walters, Education for Life

Children can learn to recognize the difference between emotion and feeling.
A calm, sensitive feeling is an invaluable tool for the complete understanding of most subjects, while turbulent emotions? prevent clear and objective understanding.

Feeling, when it is calm and refined, is essential both to truly objective and to mature insight.
There are ways of clarifying feeling, just as there are principles of logic for learning to reason correctly.
Those who direct their lives from this deeper level of feeling achieve levels of success that are never reached by people who limit their quest for answers to the exercise of reason. Reason, indeed, if unsupported by feeling, may point in hundreds of plausible directions without offering certainty as to the rightness of any of them.
Usually, the greater the scientist, the more deeply he feels his subject; as Einstein put it, the essence of true scientific discovery is a sense of mystical awe.

Children need to learn how to react appropriately. This they can never do if their reaction springs out of their subjective emotions. Considerable training is needed to learn how to harness feeling and make it a useful ally.
From the earliest grades, we try to help children learn to be in charge of their happiness.
Many age-appropriate classroom practices are specifically designed to help children become aware of the choices they make, and the consequences of those choices. Thus they learn from their own experiences, rather than through dogma or punishment.
Children are encouraged to recognize that they can learn to choose their responses to the world around them.

?My children are completely comfortable at school, they are not afraid at all. In fact, since going to Living Wisdom School, they have developed such self-confidence they are not afraid of any new situation.? LWS Parent, Palo Alto
?When she comes home from school, my daughter is so peaceful, calm, and happy. The children at Living Wisdom School are very much like her ? the same sensitivity, the same values at home. I feel great, too, just being around the school. There is good energy there. The Living Wisdom School feels like family in a way I haven?t seen at other schools.?LWS Parent, Palo Alto

Lack of conflicts is not what builds character; rather, it?s how we learn to deal with life?s unavoidable conflicts that defines how we will lead our lives. Small class size means that conflicts must be resolved. The classroom is thus an excellent laboratory for mastering conflict-resolution skills.

As Maturity is the ability to relate appropriately to other realities, and not only to one?s own, at Living Wisdom School we encourage the children to become more aware of the needs of others. As the children experiment with kindness and unselfish behavior, we are careful to bring their attention to how much better it feels to act from an open heart.

?Both of my children, now in their late twenties, went through a Living Wisdom School Program. I notice that, as young adults in professional settings, they have an acute sense of how to work with others. Each in her own way, brings to her work a sense of how to get along with people, how to create community, and how to cope with challenges.?Parent of Living Wisdom School Palo Alto graduates