This course is for teachers, parents, and everyone working with children.

This five-class series offers the opportunity to explore Education for Life ?from the inside, out?. Participants will experience the three elements that provide the basis for Education for Life (EFL): the consciousness of the teacher or parent, the ability to connect with each child fully and clearly, and the direction of growth that is to be encouraged. In this course participants experience the power of these elements and cultivate their own skills in these areas.

In this course you will:

1) Use the Life Skill Action Charts to focus attention on specific aspects of growth like Building Will Power, Expanding Sensitivity, and Developing Concentration.

2) Keep a journal of your interactions with children, experimenting with various aspects of the EFL approach.

3) Study the book Out of the Labyrinth to learn the conceptual basis for all aspects of Education for Life.

4) Practice meditation and other centering techniques that help clarify consciousness and allow for more authentic interactions with children.

This combination of experiential and theoretical approaches provides the best possible foundation for sharing EFL principles with children.

Course topics:

  • Cultivation of the four Tools of Maturity (body, feeling, will, and intellect) through Life Skills Exploration
  • Centering and meditation support
  • Inquiry into the source of positive values
  • Recognition of what constitutes higher consciousness in children and teens

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Class topics include the essence of EFL, specific gravity and how to motivate children, teaching the whole child, and individualized learning.

Course topics

  • Education beyond Materialism
  • Attuning to the Child?s Real Self
  • Balancing Reason and Feeling
  • The Goal of Maturity
  • Natural Law and Discipline
  • Recognizing and Utilizing Teachable Moments
  • Child-Oriented vs Curriculum-Oriented
  • Progressive Development and Motivation
  • Identifying and Cultivating Student Leaders
  • Teaching the Whole Child: Body, Feeling, Will, & Intellect

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This four-class series takes the concepts introduced in the Introduction (described above) and applies them to classroom activities. Students receive sample EFL lesson plans and write their own.

Course topics

  • Six EFL Curriculum Areas
  • Identifying and Setting Goals
  • Writing Teaching Objectives
  • Flow Learning Lesson Format
  • Writing Lesson Plans
  • Troubleshooting problems with lessons
  • Using Life Skills as a curriculum generator

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Raising children is one of life?s greatest blessings, but also one of its biggest challenges. While there will never be a manual that gives set answers for the particular situations we face, there are key insights that can guide our decisions and help us to direct our children?s growth in positive directions. In this course you?ll have the opportunity to examine the principles that are at the heart of Education for Life and discover their special application to parenting.

Course Overview

  • Establish a calm and compassionate home life
  • Deepen your connection with your children
  • Share enduring life skills that prepare children for well-being & success
  • Support a balanced growth of the body, feelings, will, & intellect
  • Provide loving and effective guidance
  • Prepare for a harmonious adolescence

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How to share Nature with your Child

Activities for Experiencing the Joy of Nature by Joseph Cornell

This course is for thoughtful parents and educators who want their children to learn directly from life itself through personal contact with nature. As you and your child experience nature?s joy and aliveness together, you?ll grow closer to nature and to one another.

This course is designed for parents/educators and their children ages 4 and up.

In this course you will:

  • Experience nature through 12 prize-winning games that uplift the mind and touch the heart
  • Learn how to enrich your child?s natural curiosity, empathy, and other important human qualities
  • Discover ways to foster greater respect for the earth

The games and methods featured in this course are from Joseph Cornell?s prize-winning book,Sharing Nature?: Nature Awareness Activities for All Ages. Cornell is one of the most highly regarded nature educators in the world today. His books have been translated into twenty-seven languages and have been used by millions of parents, educators, and outdoor leaders.

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