“It is time we learned that facts, and even skill, by themselves cannot produce a healthy society. Cooperation, positive thinking, kindness and other eternal values are essential to a truly productive life and to the attainment of the universal goal of all life: happiness.”?Swami Kriyananda


EDUCATION FOR LIFE provides children, adults and communities, with an education of every level of their being – body, feeling, will, and intellect – to become balanced, harmonious, mature and happy and face life?s challenges as a discovering of ever-deeper levels of purpose, meaning, Joy and Sharing.


The new paradigm of culture and consciousness is expressed in the way we educate our children.
The vision of Education for Life is to share a new profound educational experience in school, family, community, towards a more loving, joyful and expansive conscience, dreaming, nourishing and achieving the highest human aspirations.